Easy Alexa Notifications from Home Assistant

At this point, I’m all in with the Alexa ecosystem.  Amazon announced Alexa notifications in September last year and I haven’t used it much. The built in notifications for deliveries were not super useful. I would get an email, Android notification, AND an Alexa notification for each delivery; and I usually found the delivery before the Alexa notification even came through. Recently, I stumbled on a new Alexa Skill that (through IFTTT) makes easy use of these notifications for my own Smart-Home use. I just got a really cool robot vacuum, and I wanted to be able to notify myself to empty the dustbin. I decided to make this notification an Alexa notification.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Connect IFTTT  to Home Assistant.
  • Enable the “Notify Me” Alexa Skill.
  • Create an IFTTT recipe to connect the Alexa Skill to Home Assistant.
  • Send notifications to Alexa using a Home Assistant Script or Automation.
  • Checking your notifications.

Connect IFTTT  to Home Assistant


  • Search for Webhooks.
  • Go to the Webhooks page and click “Documentation,” in the corner. This is where your key is. Copy the key.


  • In your configuration.yaml file, add the IFTTT component.
    • Remember to save and check your configuration before restarting Home Assistant.
  • Now Home Assistant can interact through IFTTT.

Enable the “Notify Me” Alexa skill

  1. Search the Skill Store for “Notify Me.”
  2. Enable the skill.


3.  Switch on Notifications.

4. Now “Notify Me” has been enabled.

5. Say, “Alexa, open notify me.” – This will send you an email with your ACCESS CODE and instructions on how to use it.

Create an IFTTT Applet to Connect the Alexa Skill to Home Assistant

  • We will use Webhookd for both the “this” and “that” of this applet.
Create a New Applet.
Press “Receive a web request.”
Choose an Event Name to use in Home Assistant.
The next part will set up making web requests.
Add a new ingredient “Value1” and put your ACCESS CODE here.
  • This Applet will take the command sent by Home Assistant and forward it to Alexa through the Notify Me skill.
  • The “Value1” ingredient will allow you to use this one Applet and send different notifications, labeled as “Value1” in Home Assistant.

Send Notifications to Alexa using a Home Assistant Script or Automation

  • My use case here is to send me a Notification, through Alexa, to remind me to empty the dustbin.

notification YAML

  • This is a script that will send any notification to Alexa as “value1”. Make sure the “event” here matches the “Event Name” in IFTTT.

Notification Automation

  • This is the same service, as an automation. This one will send a notification to Alexa, after vacuuming, to remind me to empty the dustbin.
  • Remember to save and check your configuration before restarting Home Assistant.

Checking Your Notifications

Pulsing Yellow Light
  • A pulsing yellow light means you have a notification.
  • To check your notifications, you can say,  “Alexa, what are my notifications?” or, “Alexa, what did I miss?”

Are you going to give Alexa notifications a try? What will you use them for? Please share your ideas in the comments!  If these guides have been helpful to you , please share them! If you have any questions, please reach out to me in the comments. Thanks for visiting!


6 thoughts on “Easy Alexa Notifications from Home Assistant

  1. nice tutorial … it just sucks that we ask to requests the notifications from alexa … this makes this less useful since I typically want to get notified without having to think of asking alexa


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