Voice Control With Alexa

The last step to setting up a starter Smart-Home is voice control. I was given an Echo Dot last year for Christmas. It was the item that stirred my interest in Smart-Home technology. It is also very easy to connect to Home Assistant.   If your budget won't cover an Echo Dot, there are other … Continue reading Voice Control With Alexa

Teach Your BroadLink Remote

In my apartment, I have control over fifteen devices. Twelve of them are controlled via RF Outlets. I used some dot stickers on the back of my outlets to number them. With that, I paired each outlet with a remote and made a table. I used  different remotes for different uses. One for the living … Continue reading Teach Your BroadLink Remote

Connect Your BroadLink Remote

You will need to connect your BroadLink RM Pro to your WiFi using their app Intelligent Home Center. Find your BroadLink's IP and Mac Address Follow the instructions in the app to connect the device to your WiFi network. Once connected, you'll have to find the device's MAC address and IP address. You can do … Continue reading Connect Your BroadLink Remote